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Hi everyone! Well... As I said in the last journal I'll do some paypal commissions, I really need the money.. So, I'll leave here some "rules" for asking me for one:

You MUST give a reference of each character.
Don't rush me! I won't forget any of yours petitions! When people rush me I feel so nervous and depressed...
Please, give me an idea about what do you want. I'm learning to speak English yet, please be clear when you talk to me.... Sorry...

And.. What will I draw?

✿Orikeros (males and females)
✿Nightmarens (like NiGHTS' form)
✿Sonic FCs (males and females)
✿Humans (Only females...)

I will NOT draw:

✿OC x Official Character

Sorry for post those rules but I'm a bit busy with some problems and I need "easy" or "fast" drawings to do.

That's all! Now, here are the examples and the prices:

Chibis Ver2 (Pixel Art): (Only humans)

:damphyr:Price: 3$ | 2€

Drawings with simple background: (Humans, Keronians and Sonic characters)

:damphyr:Price: 5$ | 4€
:damphyr:Example: O.ox Miracle under moonlight by Ayaeru


:damphyr:Price: 5$ | 4€
:damphyr:Example: .MEH by Ayaeru

Chibis (Only humans)

:damphyr:Price: 5$ | 4€

Simple Drawing without background: (Only keronians)

:damphyr:Price: 6$ | 4'60€

Detailed Drawing without background: (Humans)

:damphyr:Price: 10$ | 8€
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naruedyoh Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
Iba a pedirte un hombre, pero veo que no lo haces .-.
Ayaeru Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Últimamente he estado practicando y puedo dedicarme más a ellos. Depende de cómo sea el personaje al que quieres que dibuje.
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May 24, 2013


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